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how to ensure your payroll meets legal requirements in uae

How to Ensure Your Payroll Meets Legal Requirements

Maintaining efficient payroll while complying with the law is essential for every organization. However, complex labor laws and frequently updated regulations can prove challenging, especially when it comes to meeting all legal requirements. From non-compliance and improper records management to timely payment and auditing requirements, there are many factors to…
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tips to prevent payroll fraud in the uae

Tips to Prevent Payroll Fraud in The UAE

Your credit card payments are encrypted, you back up all your data securely on the cloud, and you’ve enabled two-step authentication on all of your software. You feel safe, secure, and impenetrable. But what about your payroll security? Payroll fraud, while often overlooked, is very expensive. Some fraud is unintentional…
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how does outsourcing payroll reduce costs

How does Outsourcing Payroll Service Reduce Costs?

Now more than ever, businesses of all sizes are running on tight budgets. Reducing costs and saving money in any way can be the difference between thriving or having to permanently close. Outsourcing payroll service is one way to reduce costs while simultaneously helping a company grow. Today we will…
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Payroll Outsourcing

Adapting to the digital era can be daunting for many small businesses. However, it’s commonplace for companies to outsource specific business processes to streamline daily operations, including payroll. But how do you know if outsourcing payroll is the right move for your business? Luckily the experts at SOURCEitHR are here…
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