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Benefits of Using EOR

There are numerous benefits to using a global EOR to establish and manage your international or local workforce, including:

Avoid the costly expense of setting up an entity in the country of operations for the purposes of hiring staff

No requirement to find, vet, and hire local lawyers, tax specialists, and HR expertsFull transparency into the employment arrangement and ongoing employer responsibilities

Full transparency into the employment arrangement and ongoing employer responsibilities

Staff direct all time-consuming and complex administrative queries to our team, not yours

Easy international payments with everything included in one monthly invoice

Applied in our every day work

How We Can Help With Your Staffing


Compliant employment relationship with local labor contracts as per country specific labor laws and best practices.

Hire in Days

Hire local employees and enter new markets within days, not weeks or months as traditionally required with entity set up.

Talent Access

Find, assess, and recruit employees anywhere in the MENA region without being limited to a small local pool of candidates

Establish a Global Team

Onboard staff in numerous countries throughout the MENA region and grow a sustainable and compliant global presence without the hassles of HR and administration.

Monthly Services

Outsource all salary payments, expense declarations and reimbursement, leave days management, etc. to an expert team with local legal and tax specialists.
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