We partner with you to develop the effectiveness of your organization and best utilize your human capital to achieve your business strategy.

Operating Model and Organization Structure

We develop an organization structure that syncs your people and your strategy. We help you build an organization structure that promotes strong functions and an efficient operating model and value chain.

Grade Structure and Work Measurement

A clear grading structure that reinforces your strategy is critical to the success of your business. A well-defined structure underpins a fair workplace. In addition, a well-designed structure reflects positively on the reputation of your business by developing career path opportunities.

Job Descriptions and Job Families

We help you define each position’s purpose and how it fits in your strategy. We also help you analyze each job and how it aligns with your overall strategy to ensure you have a focused and efficient workforce. With this approach we develop job descriptions and job families that increase functions’ performance and positively contribute to your bottom line.

Performance Management System

Our specialized performance management system helps you improve employee effectiveness within your organization. In addition to providing performance management tools, we customize the system to help you plan, monitor and review employees’ objectives and their overall contribution to your organization. We help you assess performance, potential, and the fit of your employees through a combination of objectives, skills, and behaviors approach.

Workforce planning

Your people are your largest investment. To ensure this valuable capital is being utilized to its full potential, we offer workforce planning to align the business objectives and priorities of your organization with your people. We utilize a multi-dimensional approach and work with you to ensure your workforce is efficient in terms of size compared to your business goals.