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Assessment Tools

To ensure growth and a better return on your investment, SOURCEitHR can customize any type of diagnostic, analysis or survey (market-based salary survey, engagement, satisfaction, etc.) to suit your specific business needs helping you make better business decisions.

Psychometric Assessments

Whether for succession planning, employee development, or recruitment; psychometric assessments provide the needed insight by assessing and understanding the employees’ cognitive abilities, leadership and workstyle, personality preferences, and natural aptitudes development plans become more efficient in achieving the desired objectives, or in attaining the right person for the job

Skill Assessments

Understanding what skills are needed in your organization is vital, and knowing how to foster and develop those skills in a systematic and effective manner is just as important; assessing employees’ skills (language, IT…etc.) pinpoints areas for improvement that would drive the organization as a whole forward.

Job analysis

Developing jobs for continuously developing people. To ensure continuous development of the organization, jobs need to be properly framed to ensure efficiency in operations, our online job analysis tool is used to gather the required data from job holders to be transformed into accountability-based job descriptions.

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Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys

Knowing and understanding what drives your employees to higher performance or what is hindering them from unleashing their latent potential aids you in making precise transformative decisions that would ensure driving your company forward in a healthy, happy, engaged, and competitive environment. Our engagement and satisfaction surveys provide an in-depth insight pinpointing the underlying issues from the employees’ perspective, making their voices and opinions heard, and properly analyzed.

People Analytics

Asking the right questions and analyzing the right variables provide the needed information to properly manage your human capital; we provide HR Dashboards that highlights all the required information for you to make better business decisions and ensure having a healthy organization in terms of human capital

sourceithr hr people analytics
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Salary Surveys

As the official partners of Mercer in Jordan, we utilize Mercer’s Total remuneration Survey (TRS) which provides comprehensive market data on compensation and benefits around the globe. Having access to a comprehensive database, allows for calculated decisions in terms of reward management to ensure attaining and retaining the required talents.