We help you formulate and implement strategies and policies that reward your people fairly and consistently. We provide you with recommendations on tangible and non-tangible rewards:


A well-designed remuneration scheme linked to a defined grade structure will reflect positively on the reputation of your business, positioning you perfectly in the market and reinforcing your business objectives.

Non-tangible rewards

Keeping your employees motivated, healthy, and active reduces turnover and increases teamwork. We help you define strategies that can create an empowered and healthy workforce.

At SourceitHR we take a comprehensive outlook of your total reward program and provide you with implementable solutions that have minimal impact on budget and maximum impact on attaining and retaining talented employees. We can help you with:

  • Salary scale development
  • Incentive and Bonus Schemes
  • Profit sharing study and development
  • Compensation and Benefits review and development
  • Total Reward Design
  • Reward Strategy development